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Reduced 80% Alerts through Service-Centric AIOps


The client needed a consolidated view of their IT landscape for effective management of their environment. Coforge delivered an intelligent dashboard—with a consolidated view—to manage the client’s IT environment effectively while optimizing efficiency and boosting productivity.

About the Client

The client is an international high-speed rail service provider, connecting the UK with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Business Challenge

Client was facing the following challenges from their existing environment:

  • Huge investments on tools but unavailability of a consolidated view; huge MTTR
  • Capacity management was not in place, leading to ad hoc requirements andincreased running costs
  • Reactive and siloed monitoring was resulting in frequent outages in business-critical applications. There was a need to support 3000+ tickets per month.

Our Solution

Partnering with the client, Coforge successfully delivered the required solution to the client helping them manage their IT environment effectively. The solution provided the following:

  • A consolidated view of the client’s infrastructure landscape and App vs. Infra mapping
  • Tool consolidation through Coforge’s proposed platform
  • AIOps-enabled solution considering algorithm for IT Ops management
  • Synthetic and cloud-enabled monitoring

Delivering More Value

Integrated infrastructure, based on continuous service improvement strategies, has helped the client achieve better business results including the following:

  • Coforge’s IT Ops platform helped in delivering a further classified Service Map that would bring more proactive results in finding faults in case of any response challenge
  • 32K GBP were saved through tool consolidation with better visibility and enhanced features
  • Achieved 80% reduction in alerts through event correlation and deduplication
  • Provided complete AWS services monitoring, auto-discovery, and cloud brokerage
  • Provided a single dashboard for performance management and reporting
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