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Performance Testing of Duck Creek Platform for a Leading Insurance Group

The customer is a specialty insurance company that provides a wide range of property and casualty related insurance products and surety bonds to meet the needs of both, individuals and businesses. With 30+ office locations, the customer has a large footprint throughout the United States of America.

Customer Challenges

The key challenges for performance testing “Duck Creek OnDemand” application were:

  • The key challenges for performance testing “Duck Creek OnDemand” application were:
  • Minimal customer journey insights
  • Low-performance coverage
  • Huge rework for any minimal business scenario changes
  • The presence of no common performance framework resulted in high maintenance of performance test assets
  • Enhancements and changes in functionality

The Coforge Solution

  • Setup a reusable correlation framework for handling dynamic parameters for “Duck Creek OnDemand” system
  • Emulate the most realistic and geographically distributed network virtualization
  • Maintain a library of customized report templates
  • Deploy an MS Azure SaaS-based solution for both, test lab and “Duck Creek OnDemand” system based on a pay as you go model.

Customer Benefits – The Coforge Advantage

“Duck Creek OnDemand” - Performance Testing on Cloud enabled the customer to achieve great ROI and better service delivery by enabling high performance and massive scalability to support a large number of users.

Rapid Scripting

  • The framework quickly updates the user path in a new recording. This automated correlation increased productivity and ensured a reduction in scripting failures and defects.
  • Saved up to 33 % effort for performance script creation.

High Coverage

  • Easier and faster script generation enables performance engineers to cover more scenarios in the allotted time. This framework enables higher productivity and can help to cover more scenarios in less time thereby improve quality and enhancing productivity.

Reduce Cycle Time

  • Facilitated the provision to make frequent and stable performance releases to production.
  • Greatly reduces the cycle time which directly reduced operational cost.
  • Achieved a 40%-50% reduction in performance test cycle time.
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