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Intelligent home inspection using AI-enabled Smart Glass

Business objective

When purchasing a home, the buyer must be aware of the general state of the property, ideally of each item, component, or unit. A home inspection is a visual assessment of a home's systems and physical structure, from the roof to the foundation. Professionally trained and certified inspectors typically conduct inspections. Depending on the size and condition of the house, the examination takes between two and four hours to complete. Inspectors are trained to spot significant repairs, builder errors, problems, dangers, and health concerns in a home's interiors and exteriors. They collate the information, write and submit the report (Home Inspection Report) to the Underwriters. Underwriter reads report and arrives at an insurance premium. Objective of this solution is to provide a smart way of performing Home Inspection using a Smart Glass embedded with an AI Solution that automatically detects and captures issues in the house.

Challenges in current process

  • Process: Inspection takes about 2 to 4 hours. Further a day or 2 more, to consolidate information, type and submit the report. Overall, it takes about 3 days per inspection. It is time consuming
  • Underwriters: Report sizes are large. The underwriters have to read, consolidate and then calculate premium, again a time consuming process


  • Coforge solution performs the inspection in a smarter way using Smart Glass and Android App. Home Inspection will be done by inspector wearing a smart glass, assisted by an AI engine which automatically detects the cracks/damages on the walls/roofs of the House. The output from the report generation module is Report (PDF) and that is viewed by the Underwriter.
  • Post inspection an AI engine shall analyse the observations, generate the severity & risk score, summarize the content and generate a Home Inspection Report (PDF) with below information.
    • Item wise description as observed by the inspector in different segments of house
    • Pictures of broken or damaged items in house detected during inspection
    • Summary, Severity and Risk Score of different items in house
    • Video link of entire inspection
  • Report is sent to Underwriter for deriving insurance coverage/premium.


  • Wearing hands-free Smart Glass, the inspectors can focus on inspection.
  • Embedded AI saves time for the inspector as they need not click the photos separately and later highlight the problems in the photos.
  • Automated report generation with recorded observations and the AI detected issues in house
  • The embedded AI solution also brings consistency into Inspection process
  • As the process is digitized, different sections of the Reports can be re-used. Provision for Inspectors to not record lengthy observations during Re-Inspection.
  • The AI-generated home inspection report contains Summary, Severity and Risk Score of different items in house, saving underwriter effort and time.
  • The photographs of AI detected issues in the house also save underwriter’s time. For instance, information like the count “number of broken tiles on the roof”, or the severity “type of damage (whether large, medium or small)” are all captured in the report supplemented with photographs
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