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Implementation of Pega Case Management System


  • Lack of access across all NSW offices, outreach locations, and courts via mobile devices.
  • Productivity loss to the tune of 40 to 65% due to expending resourcing to verify client’s previous history, conflict checks, searching related matters and services & document management.
  • Lack of capabilities to integrate seamlessly with critical LA and other systems such as GRANTS, justice link, Law docs etc., forcing users to access multiple systems (i.e., less than optimal user experience).
  • Lack of SLA driven approach to client creation and case management, meant users were processing less than 10 cases per day against the targeted 15 to 20 cases a day.
  • Lack of reporting and business activity monitoring led to inefficiencies and staff underutilization.


  • All CCMS users can view Pega’s powerful Client 360-degree view along with associated matter(s), service(s) & task(s).
  • Organizing work by bringing in structure and case types to manage matters and services (e.g., Matter-Service type prefix to identify and process cases based on matter type and associated legal/Non legal service.
  • E.g., Auto case creation through email listeners.
  • Definition of security model based on screened and non-screened reporting units for NSW LA by using Pega’s OOTB access controls and skill level.
  • Connectors to integrate with other enterprise systems to create a unified end to end experience to the user
  • Reporting capabilities to monitor and improve
  • Staff Utilization Reports
  • Clients, Matters, Services, Tasks Reports
  • Dashboard Reports etc.,


  • On an average, CCMS user is processing 20 services per day (increased productivity from ~40% to 75%) after going live in Feb20.
  • Productivity increased from 60% to 95% with all solicitors by leveraging key features such as
    • Client creation and conflict checks
    • Ability to process multiple cases (up to 8) in parallel
    • 600+ users can fetch and view information from Justice link directly
    • 900+ users can view Grant's info and access document management from SharePoint seamlessly.
    • Email and SMS (Outbound correspondence) features enabled rich user experience and helps to track and trace the Matters and Services during court hearings and call overs.
  • Approximately ~3900 clients and ~60 matters created in the first month post Go-Live which is 40-50% (to be validated) increase for a similar period.
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