Helping L&A insurance company to modernize faster with quality software tested early and often with continuous testing


Problem Statement

The customer had stated below objectives for faster modernization of platform / applications supporting individual and group member enrolment processes:

  • Migration of Group System from Legacy (Genelco) to Open system (Wynsure), which includes Enrolment, Policy Admin, Billing & Claims.
  • Transformation from manual individual enrolment to electronic-based enrolment using Everwell platform.
  • Configuration and Testing for 30 products classified under 9 LOBs (1. Accident, 2. Cancer, 3. Life, 4. Disability, 5. SHE, 6. Vision, 7. Dental, 8. Hospital and 9. LSCI) for 5 channels (1. Payroll, Direct, Union & Association and Partnership) implemented across 54 states.
  • Support BAU testing for 15+ legacy Enrolment, Policy Admin & Claim platforms i.e. APPS, CAPPS, Omega+, P010, CPS, APAY, NAS, Group Activation etc.


Solution Proposed

For the niche continuous testing requirements, Coforge provides T-shaped QA resources who are skilled in Insurance domain, automation tools and testing processes. Our comprehensive test strategy is based on following principles to deliver high quality with speed:

  • Automation first with right toolset - enhanced automation coverage across the SDLC based on ROI to faster time to market and better test coverage.
  • Increase reusability for product configuration on platform.
  • Right testing in right environment.
  • Risk based testing approach to find most important defects as early as possible and optimize the test delivery effort.
  • Enhanced monitoring & controlling through effective metrics & reporting. Implemented industry best practice in Measurement & Metrics for better control & future planning & estimations.

As the application testing involved migration of a large amount of user data, Coforge implemented continuous testing framework for automated functional testing. The ETL tests are executed for validating data migration. Functional testing resources deployed into client squads to work with client developers and business teams. As the tests are automated and integrated with CI pipeline, regular feedback on testing progress is shared with the development & business teams.

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