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Deployment of Operations/ Workflow platform for a Global Asset Management Company


Based in US, the client provides investment processing, fund processing, and investment management business outsourcing solutions to the financial services industry. The company operates in different market segments: Private Banking and Trust, Investment Advisors, Enterprises, Money Managers, among others.

Client Challenges

  • Volume spikes – Enable, Enhance Systems to do more with the same teams
  • Inefficient Processes – Design effective and efficient processes
  • Effectively Offshore, Optimize cost, Transform to a low cost environment
  • Accommodate new customer operations – Create onshore bandwidth

Our Solutions

  • Reduced manual touch points.
  • Transparency in task allocations
  • Decouple Onshore Offshore tasks to create Onshore bandwidth.
  • Cross- train staff on tasks to reduce handoffs within the team.
  • Flexible Offshore Capacity model to accommodate volume variations.
  • Dedicated lean-six Sigma team for continuous improvements.
  • Operations platform and workflow orchestration on SharePoint
  • Eliminate internal handoffs and promote STP.
  • NET as platform of choice for all enhancements
  • and systems over intranet / internet

Benefits Delivered

  • Overall reduction of staff by 28% by the End State through:
  • Deployment of Operations/ Workflow platform
  • Application integration
  • Reduction of manual touch points
  • Optimize costs by offshoring of tasks performed.
  • Scalable systems
  • Current trained resources deployed to onboard and acquire new customers.
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