Enterprise cloud data hub on AWS for a tier-1 airline in APAC region

Problem statement

  • The Airline envisaged establishing Cloud Datahub in the context of:
  • Low-cost high-performance data repository
  • Establish strong security processes and perimeters
  • Ensure strict data governance & flexible data dissemination
  • Establish Platform for Data Science initiatives

Solution overview

  • Coforge  implemented a Data Analytics platform to enable:
  • All types of Data processing (structured/semi/unstructured)
  • Data Migration from On-Premises to AWS Cloud
  • Robust data governance & Security as Business transparency program
  • Single Customer View to enable advanced Customer Analytics
  • Data Science Modules for Crew Management, Absence prediction 
  • Platform Support Services


  1. Lower TCO, high scalability, and availability
  2. Reduce time to market for delivering on Data Analytics needs
  3. Excellence in Customer services
  4. Operational Efficiency with Crew management system
  5. Compliance aware data processing and data management



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