End-to End system integration and airport operations management

About the client

The client is one of the largest airports in the Middle East serving over 102 destinations, spanned across 56 countries. It is also one of the fastest-growing airport hubs globally offering services to 30 plus airlines. 

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a smarter airport by digitally transforming its existing operations and desired an integration/implementation partner who  Understood the challenges of providing uninterrupted and seamless operations at large airports   Was richly experienced when it came to integrating various systems, products, infrastructure & services across business functions  Integrate airport systems with multiple airlines and air traffic control systems   Use Smart Technologies including Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Intelligence to ensure efficient smooth and proactive Airport operations     

Our Solution

Coforge with its expertise in end-to-end system integration and airport operations management became the integration and implementation partner for the client. Coforge provided its services across the following business areas:- Airline operational information  Booking information  Check-in information  Ancillary services  Security & staff scheduling  Immigration & Security  Gate and stand allocation  Air traffic management systems The following services were delivered by Coforge:- 

Automated monitoring and measurement of various Service Quality KPI’s and SLA’s through comprehensive yet easy to use dashboards and reports  Development & support of mobile, tablet, and desktop applications  Enabled real-time monitoring of Passengers and flow at different touchpoints of the airport namely departure hall, check-in, immigration, Security, transfer security, arrival immigration, baggage areas  Predictive analysis using already available data pertaining to peaks and troughs of passengers to optimize resources  Measure the passenger counts, Passenger waiting (queuing) times, and processing times at various touchpoints.   Real-time analytics on passenger wait times and other key parameters.   Deliver end-to-end passenger journey which will help the airport deliver a fast, consistent, and secure experience to passengers.  Managing data centers  Integration of Microservices using APIs.  Field support for uninterrupted operations as per the agreed SLA.   Resource Augmentation for multiple technologies and business areas   Infrastructure Management & Support   Application Support and Maintenance for multiple applications across business functions   Customization & integration of third party products  Rapid development across the entire IT landscape covering critical systems Testing services covering multiple products and applications 

Delivering more Value

Enabled proactive actions by different stakeholders through real-time inputs for cases involving disruptions, sudden passenger loads due to events, etc. 

Enhanced passenger experience by Increasing time in the retail area for shopping   Reducing queuing time and processing time  Implemented an Integrated, Managed World Class Airport Management Systems Increase in efficiency & resource optimization  Improved forecasting and analytics 

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