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Enabling Dynamic Pricing Capabilities and ensuring timely data availability with Revenue Management System


The client approached Coforge to assist them with the installation and use of an improved revenue management system. By recommending the PROS revenue management system, Coforge was able to solve the client’s basic business challenge and also deliver added value.

About the Client

The client was one of the largest airlines in Australia, operating flights on both, domestic and international sectors.

Business Challenge

The client was in need of a better revenue management system and an I.T. partner to implement the same for them. The desired I.T. partner would need to have an excellent understanding of the airline IT landscape, Sabre reservations, inventory, fares and DCS and also integration technology including IBM MQ. In addition, a clear understanding of revenue management and expertise in PROS – since this seemed to be the clear revenue management solution of choice.

Our Solution

Coforge had no hesitation in recommending the PROS Revenue Management System to the client.

PROS allows airlines to protect their positioning, safeguard their yields against competitors and outperform the competition. It helps in decision-support which empowers users to use revenue and profit-maximizing business strategies to address their most sophisticated challenges – all at the speed of business. The main input to the PROS system is the inventory dump which contains all information for flights and flight dates (range: one day prior to 330 days), post departure files, and the hourly dump file received from the Sabre system.

These files are processed by a PROS Sabre connector and loaded in the PROS Database, which is later processed by the PRO Revenue Management System (RMS). The outcome of PRO RMS files also called upload files, are sent back to the inventory (Sabre) system via web service calls.

As part of the exercise, Coforge undertook the following tasks:

  • Integration of PROS products
    • Revenue Management
    • MQ Integration for real-time booking alert
    • Sabre SFTP integration for offline booking data
  • Market Valuation Module
  • Group Sales Optimizer
  • Infrastructure Readiness
    • Validated server configuration, environment set-up (testing, certification, production), installed packages, software, codebase etc.
  • Process Management
    • Adhered to processes for application support and maintenance and change management
  • Disaster Recovery Management
    • Configured DR boxes for the production environment, which includes database and application servers
    • Configured resiliency boxes for immediate turnaround
  • Log Management
    • Configured various tools for log monitoring like Splunk, Nagios, Uptrends
  • Memory Management
    • Monitored memory, CPU and network and coordinated with the infrastructure team to facilitate appropriate hardware/software upgrades
  • Support to the client’s PROS business team to assist with component upgrades, troubleshooting, incident and request ticket resolution

Delivering more Value

Partnering with Coforge and implementing the PROS system brought the following added business benefits to the client:

  • Enabled dynamic pricing capabilities for the airline
  • Improved Revenue Management processes
  • Ensured data availability to the business at the right time
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