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Automation Engineering improves Time-to-Market, reduces cost for a Travel and Transport Service Provider

To meet customer needs, Coforge defined the automation engineering approach - automate first and automate everywhere.

Solution highlights

Coforge adopted Shift-left by In-Sprint test automation implementation using a model-based testing approach that enabled auto-generation of test cases along with different test case optimization techniques. Automated code is integrated with DevOps pipeline for daily execution. The automation was carried out at different layers and channels including web services, UI, functional, and mobile devices. Automation test script quality was also ensured using SonarCube, Klockwork, and BlackDuck.

Coforge also adopted Shift-right by E2E scenario automation for UAT scenarios and overall solution testing.

Performance management was achieved by implementing APM tool in QA environment that was integrated with functional automation execution and performance execution to identify early performance issue and realize faster debugging of functional and non-functional issues.

Solution Benefits: The Coforge Advantage

Cost savings : Up to 30 % reduction in test execution costs.

Speed : 50% reduction of test cycle time

Reduced cost of rework : 50-70% defects contention within sprint by in-Sprint testing

Automation coverage : 70 - 80% automation of business-critical test scenarios and regression test cases.

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