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Data Lakehouse implementation over Azure Databricks


Meet the Enterprise Analytical needs for faster and robust business decision making by leveraging the latest and cutting edge technology stack that can address the immediate and future business needs. The solution should be scalable, robust, futuristic and cloud based.

Our Solution

  • Coforge designed and developed Enterprise Analytical workbench by leveraging the Delta Lake service of Databricks. Heterogeneous and diversified locations based sources like Salesforce, ADP, SurveryMonkey, Sage Intacct, Excel/ Word files etc. were integrated to Delta tables using FiveTran. Bronze-Silver-Gold approach were used to govern the data flow.
  • PowerBI is used for visualization and dashboard
  • Coforge roles are implementation of the end-to-end solution - from setting up the Azure Databricks environment to Staging, Ingesting, Enriching, Curating to Publishing the data.


  • Future state Data Lake architecture anchored on best practices and learnings from multiple engagements
  • About 30-40% faster time market for platform build by leveraging Coforge innovations “DLXpress” and “DQXpress”
  • Robust Data quality and Data Governance processes provided assurance and improved adoption of the platform
  • Use Case driven actionable roadmap to achieve incremental benefits
  • An enterprise wide futuristic, scalable and robust analytical workbench for impactful and robust business decision making.
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