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Streamlining personal loan and credit card processes with Pega for a leading financial institution

The Client

Our client is a leading financial institution with over 15,000 employees and partners operating in approximately 63 provinces and cities. It serves millions of Vietnamese citizens through a range of mortgage products and services.

Business Challenge

The client faced several challenges within their legacy system:

  • Difficulty in adapting to new product lines: The legacy system was inflexible, and it was challenging to update it with new product offerings.
  • Performance issues: The legacy system's design resulted in poor performance, hindering the introduction of new product lines on a single platform.
  • Slow policy updates: Implementing policy changes was time-consuming due to the legacy system's limitations.

Coforge Solution

To address these challenges, Coforge implemented a comprehensive solution:

  • Product Automation: Leveraging Pega, a leading low-code platform, Coforge automated seven product lines: Personal Loan Top-up, Personal Loan X-sell, Credit Cards, Credit Card Top-up, Credit Card X-sell, and Credit Card. Pega's low-code approach enabled rapid development and deployment of these automations.
  • BIX Extract for Data Warehouse Reporting: Coforge integrated BIX Extract to facilitate data extraction and reporting, enabling the client to gain valuable insights from their data warehouse.


  • Reduced Manual Hand-offs: Automation streamlined processes, minimizing manual intervention and improving efficiency.
  • Automated Scoring: Decision Management, a rules-based approach to decision-making, was implemented to automate the scoring process, ensuring consistent and objective decisions.
  • Automated Credit Card Onboarding: The credit card customer onboarding process was automated, enhancing customer experience and reducing onboarding time.
  • User-friendly UI and Simplified Processes: Pega's intuitive user interface and process simplification improved overall user experience and ease of use.
  • Flexible Policy Management: Pega's delegation features enabled end-users to manage policy rules effectively, facilitating frequent updates.
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