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Card Administration System Support and Enhancement

The Client

One of the largest banks in the UK with an active customer base of 14 million

Business Challenge

The bank has a legacy in-house payments platform built on a legacy tech stack, mainly a Mainframe for card administration, which is unable to meet the needs of its growing customers or face market competition. 

Our Solution

  • Deploying multiple squads to support and enhance its Card Administration System (CAS) 
  • Building API(s) to connect the card issuance system with CAS 
  • The bank’s current mobile banking application has a front-end built on mainframe online screens (CICS) which are being converted to Microservices & API 
  • Replacing Database from NuoDB to Oracle to improve performance and provide improved transaction capabilities to applications. 
  • Developing a new single multi-country mobile banking app 
  • The Coforge team is working on the development of a card control portal that is used by call centers or customers on the bank’s mobile banking app to apply certain blocks i.e., gambling block, international transaction block or temporary block, etc. on cards. 
  • Coforge has developed an Integration between the card printing system THALES and CAS 


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