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Automating Forecast system for a Clinical Research Biopharmaceutical Organization


The challenge for a clinical research organization is the constant need to accept change and innovate the Business processes to experience better results. In today’s era, industries are focusing more on automating the processes rather than manual intervention. Coforge using their automation driven capabilities, streamlined the forecasting process for our client resulting in reduced time and resource optimization.

About the Client

Customer is US based biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapy targeting lipid rafts in inflamed and activated cells.

Business Challenge

The existing forecasting system was handled manually. They wanted to setup a hassle free system which could deal with the complexities, took less time and showed quality results. The business challenges are as follows: –.

  • Client had a lot of manual processes for forecasting activities.
  • Lot of disparate systems and excels which were not integrated.
  • Existing processes created higher cycle time

The client chose Coforge trusting our decades of experience in automating processes for different industries.

Our Solution

They needed an end to end streamlined and automated solution for revenue forecasting in order to transition from the manual process. We proposed the following to overcome their challenges:-

  • A single unified front end to enable users to capture and share comprehensive data used for forecasting.
  • Provided visibility into unbilled and future billing records.
  • Seamless integration with all upstream and downstream data systems.
  • Automated revenue forecasting process.
  • Unified analytics and reporting universe.

Delivering more value

  • Scope: Provided reusable framework-based solution that was extended to other business units with minimal effort
  • Timeliness: Reduced the cycle time for monthly forecast process.
  • Streamlining of process: Provided single source of data for forecasting activities
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