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Agile implementation of Duck Creek policy administration system to drive business growth


A nationally recognized insurer was looking to automate its manual customer onboarding process. Selling Massachusetts commercial auto, only the client’s quoting process was automated. Massachusetts commercial auto is one of the more complex LOB implementations in property & casualty insurance. Coforge was hired to implement and migrate their onboarding systems to the Duck Creek PAS system. Coforge was able to sunset the mainframe application by developing an interface for data migration to DCT. Using agile methodology, the solution was delivered in 4 weeks with complete Duck Creek implementation. Coforge continues to support and maintain the client’s Duck Creek application developed.

About the Client

The client is among the top 100 insurance organizations in the US offering a wide range of commercial and personal coverage products. The company is a nationally recognized insurer for various specialized markets, including graphic communications industry coverage and error and omissions coverage for insurance agents and brokers.

Business Challenge

The client sells Massachusetts commercial auto insurance only through agents. As only the quoting process was automated, the client observed a loss of business due to the manual onboarding of customers. Agents would onboard customers through the .NET platform and mainframe transactions, with servicing being a paper-based process.

The Massachusetts auto implementation posed challenges as:

  • The process differs a lot from other state commercial auto businesses.
  • It is considered one of the more complex LOB implementations in the P&C insurance
  • The project involved the integration of multiple applications and systems (internal and external):
    • TPA of Agency
    • Billing
    • Claims
    • Reporting
    • Renewal application
    • RMV systems

Our Solution

Duck Creek PAS system was implemented that replaced the mainframe, manual, and .NET based processes. The major activities involved were

  • Mapping functionality from the manual, mainframe, and .NET processes to Duck Creek
  • Customization of Duck Creek workflow to MA Auto specifics
  • Migration of data from legacy mainframe systems to DCT
  • Maintenance and support of Duck Creek application developed

Automation tools were employed to migrate countrywide rules of commercial lines auto insurance.

Sun-setting mainframe application – an interface was developed to move the data from the mainframe to DCT for when a policy is due for renewal in Agile methodology used for implementation:

  • Sprint duration – 4 weeks
  • Knowledge transfer to the client: Not applicable as Coforge maintains the application
  • Adherence to:
    • Organization goals for schedule (< 3% slippage)
    • Organization goals for effort (< 5%slippage)

Technology stack:

Applications in scope:

  • Duck Creek PAS system
  • Existing .NET application
  • Existing mainframe application

Delivering More Value

Amplifying outcomes with:

  • Increase in business (expected 10%) as new policies can now be directly created on Duck Creek Platform
  • Duck Creek with its next-gen digital UI is a productivity enabler with business users. 
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