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Accelerating Mobile-Enablement of a Technology Provider’s Hotel Reservation System


Get mobile fast or lose a hard-earned competitive edge—when our client was at this crossroad, they turned to Coforge. Their reservation system had a large customer base in the hospitality industry. However, the features of the system were not fully accessible on mobile devices. We responded by creating a cross-platform, white-labeled mobile application that our client could offer to hospitality players, who could rapidly customize this application to delight consumers by providing anytime, anywhere access to their services.

About the Client

As a leading technology provider for hotels and travel distributors, the client offers a state-of-the-art central reservation system and electronic distribution services, advanced agency commission processing and payment services, and hotel marketing representation services.

Business Challenge

Increased smartphone adoption was making it imperative for hoteliers to offer mobile booking services to their consumers. These bookings were routed through our client’s reservation system, which was unable to scale to the accessibility requirements of the mobility era. The features of the system resided in disparate systems and were not easily available to consumers on-the-go. If the client was to sustain their market leadership in the hospitality industry, the need of the hour was to mobile-enable their reservation system.

Our Solution

We created the Coforge Mobile Project—a white-labeled mobile application for the client. The application offered hospitality companies a comprehensive suite of common capabilities for consumer-oriented mobile devices. It was designed to be deployed on Android, BlackBerry, and iOS platforms and could be accessed by consumers using native mobile applications or mobile Web browsers.

The application is marketplace-ready with minimal customization—hospitality companies can brand the application and offer it to consumers on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Some key features of the application are:

  • Makes it easy to either search or use the mobile’s GPS feature to find a nearby hotel
  • Helps make new reservations or modify/cancel existing reservations
  • Helps manage guest loyalty programs at the hotel
  • Provides information about hotels and tourist attractions in the surrounding areas
  • Provides hotel accommodation-related functionality

Delivering More Value

  • More Flexibility: Allows the client’s customers to configure the application’s look and feel so as to meet branding, language, and layout requirements
  • More Speed-to-Market: The scalable architecture enables applications to be added without any code changes, reducing time to deliver new applications while lowering maintenance costs
  • More Customer Delight: Enhances customer booking experience with information about hotels, and location details available on-the-go
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