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Accelerating App Delivery for a Large Insurer


To be able to keep up with rising customer expectations around service quality, it is important to provide a flawless user experience. Our client, a large US-based insurer, wanted mobile and Web applications that would work for multiple devices and operating systems. The client initially resorted to manual testing of these applications resulting in increased cycle time as well as an inconsistent customer experience. Coforge was entrusted with automated testing implementation using Perfecto to provide flexibility of testing on real devices on the Cloud. This approach reduced app update cycle time apart from making sure that the applications were tested in a uniform manner on multiple devices.

The Client

A large US-based insurer, the client operates in 23 locations, including executive offices in Atlanta. The client’s customer base is spread across 12 countries in North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Business Challenge

Increasingly customers are looking to have instant access to their policies to manage them and derive maximum value. Since this information is not directly accessible from all kinds of operating systems and mobile devices, contact centers often receive multiple calls. The client was looking for a branded mobile app for each manufacturer’s warranty policyholders that would work flawlessly for multiple versions of operating systems, form factors, and devices. The client initially performed manual testing on some selective devices but since it was a very time-consuming process, the client was unable to provide app updates in a time bound manner.

The client chose Coforge for this engagement basis our proven experience in delivering timely solutions.

Our Solution

Given the requirement to have the solution accessible to the customer quickly, we analyzed different branded apps built for manufacturers and created a generic framework for writing automation test cases using Perfecto Mobile’s ScriptOnce tool. The new framework provided the capability to test multiple applications at the same time. We were also successfully able to extend regression testing coverage to approximately 80%.

Coforge’ unique approach also enhanced scalability as we can now add several test cases using the modules-library approach.

We automated various admin tasks by integrating Visual Studio with Perfecto, a platform that hosts real devices in a Cloud-based environment. We provide detailed reports after executing automated test cases, and allow exploratory testing to be carried out in its environment.

Delivering More Value

  • More Coverage: O We were successful in increasing the testing coverage percentage to approximately 80%.
  • More Savings: We reduced the manual testing effort by approximately 90%, which drastically saved time and energy.
  • More Efficiency: We reduced the regression testing cycle time by approximately 90%, dramatically enhancing efficiency. The build release frequency also increased after our intervention
  • More Compatibility: Using our solution, testing on multiple devices, OS platforms, and apps was made simpler.
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