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99% of high-volume (4,000+) batches completed on time using smartprop®

The Client

Top 10 Residential Mortgage Lender Solutions company


  • Title Search for multiple lender portfolios
  • Fluctuating and batch volumes running into thousands of searches for each batch
  • Severe Quality and Turn time issues from multiple vendors


  • SmartProp® property search deployed
  • Independent teams to handle Title Searches, Typing and for 100% Quality Review
  • Multiple abstractor networks to obtain best turn-times and prices


  • Cross-trained teams to handle the batches received at the start of every month
  • Real-time order status tracking with rigorous SLA’s to improve turn-times
  • Continuous training programs to maintain quality levels

Value Delivered

  • Exceeded Turn time requirements
    • 99% high-volume batches delivered in 2-3 weeks based on batch size (vs. 95% target)
    • Regular volumes - 95% within 3 days
  • Batch flat pricing by Coforge to enable easy cost tracking
  • Customized reports - included foreclosure information
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