50% faster issuance of policies with expedited customer onboarding


A mid size wholesale broker

Business Situation

    • Longer average handling time in document reviewing and data entry resulting in longer customer onboarding and policy issuing turn around times


    • Thorough study of customer business operations – outsourced model recommended to reduce policy issuing turn around times
    • Identified and eliminated non value add steps for improved efficienc
    • Independent teams of experienced professionals created to support the process
    • Knowledgebase of standard operating procedures developed to enable quicker information dissemination


    • Cross trained teams utilized to support specific clients and document types
    • Dedicated quality team assigned to monitor quality

Value Delivered

    • Same day policy issuance (50% faster) after partnering with Coforge BPS
    • Consistently exceeding accuracy levels and turn time service levels
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction levels