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$394 Million Collected in last 5 years at 79% of the cost of doing early and mid-stage collections onshore

The Client

Top 20 US retail bank


  • Enabling multi-million in early stage collections offshore, at a lower cost, than onshore operations without any degradation in quality of service

Solution & Execution

  • Trainers and leadership team were certified onshore
  • New hires were subjected to English profiency testing to ensure as close to native communications skills as possible
  • All new hires were subjected to rigorous training and hires with the slightest defects were given extended training and/or focus before endorsed to go-live scenario.
  • Based on top collector analysis, collections scripts were modified to have softer toned verbiage to maintain high kept percentages
  • Proactively chose to evaluate compliance at a higher rate of 6 call per agent per month compared to the industry average 4 per agent per month

Value Delivered

  • Kept percentage over the last 3 years has averaged at 91% versus the 85% target of the bank
  • Consistent million dollar collection achieved at 79% of the cost
  • Annual collections capability of $112 Million
  • Industry leading compliance of 97% as compared to industry average of 91%
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