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$1.4M Bottom-line Improvement for a P&C Insurance Client

The Client

A National leader in specialty insurance in Hazard, Flood, Wind Earthquake and Commercial Insurance


  • With new technologies, our framework needs to give cost-efficiency and deliver value to our client which ensures loyalty
  • Leveraging a solution which offers a roadmap to future capabilities that can’t be implemented (easily or at all) in older policy administration systems
  • Leveraging improvement ideas enabling business process solutions which offers the most flexible, efficient, forward-looking way to effective operations

Solution & Execution

  • Created specialized team for handling different document formats in data entry, improving accuracy and efficiency
  • New hires were subjected to English proficiency testing to ensure as close to native communications skills as possible
  • Implemented client-specific clusters in insurance tracking, improving client satisfaction and retention
  • Executed process re-design enabling leaner workflow change in loss draft to improve case resolution and reduce errors
  • Established specialized teams for voice side of business, streamlining processes and improving customer service
  • Implemented platform solution for quality control, improving data accuracy and efficiency

Value Delivered

  • Achieved 18% efficiency improvement across all lines of business in 7 months
  • $ 0.55 M cost savings for the client in FY 22-23
  • $ 0.85 M projected savings for the client for FY 23-24
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