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AWS Travel & Hospitality Services

Airlines, Hospitality and Travel enterprises have traditionally contended with legacy systems and operating models that constrain their ability to transform. But the changing market dynamics, customer expectations, increasing competition, and the rapidly evolving technological landscape is bringing in the next wave of IT transformation in the airline sector. IT Transformation accelerates the digital delivery of modern IT services and applications to:

  • Differentiate the business to generate additional sales
  • Deliver superior customer experience
  • Improve business agility
  • Provide dependable and robust operations
  • And, Reduce costs

We enable our customers to accelerate their digital transformation across the entire enterprise, including commercial, customer experience, operations, Backoffice, HR & finance and IT departments.

We successfully service over 50 airlines, 40 airports, 50 hotels and casinos across the world:

  • Adding value working alongside both business and IT to innovate and enable customer centricity and “next best action” solutions
  • Combining domain excellence and AWS partnership to help transform customer cloud journeys and manage cloud infrastructure to deliver agility, efficiency, security and generate savings
  • Unique System integrator capabilities in complex hybrid environments across Airline Reservations, Cargo Management, Revenue Management, Crew Operations, Merchandizing, Customer Loyalty, eCommerce and Hotel Property Management Systems, to name a few
  • Defining Integration Middleware and microservices based customer operation solutions for Airlines on AWS cloud
  • Building AWS specific solutions for managing customer interaction and enabling notifications
  • Migrating and building Commercial and Operational datastores on AWS for airline and hospitality clients

Our unique technical capabilities, functional expertise and flexibility and pragmatism help us deliver most value to our clients. We have developed reusable assets, tools and frameworks to cater travel and hospitality clients, including:

  • Airline Reference Architecture
  • Airline & Travel API Reference Architecture

Our Vision of “Engage With The Emerging” and strategy of “Transform at the Intersect” leads us to combine our unparalleled domain expertise and focus on AWS tools to achieve real-world business impact for our travel and hospitality clients. We enable continuous delivery of IT Operations and Cloud Enablement through the strategic transformation of processes, technologies, and capabilities.

We offer:

  • A proprietary business view of IT solution to monitor and manage application and business process availability; leveraging AppDynamics and Splunk toolsets
  • Enterprise Intelligent Service Desk with self-help, self-healing, and machine learning capabilities across infrastructure and applications
  • Proprietary ‘Release at Will’ framework consisting of 23 capabilities in areas of culture, process, tools, architecture, and people

Our solutions entails:

  • Dev Ops and Test Ops tools and culture enablement
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Continuous Delivery
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