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7 must-haves for a Security Operations Center (SOC) & how to achieve them

Since March 2020, we’ve seen several services and systems transition to working remotely – and such systems are vulnerable since they’re accessed through non-secure infrastructure such as open internet, VPN networks, Bring-Your-Own-Device, etc. Since we made the switch to working remotely in a very short time due to business compulsions, and without enough time to prepare, it may have been difficult for organizations to ensure optimum security under such short notice.

In the BPM (outsourced Business Process Management) sector specifically, there is a pressing need to safeguard systems, as data may be processed in another country, and also when sensitive data is involved, like for financial institutions. According to an article by Cybint Solutions, after COVID-19 became prevalent, there had been a whopping 300% increase in hacking attempts of these systems. There were also countless phishing attempts, ransom ware attacks, and more.

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) plays a vital role in protecting this critical infrastructure of an organization, detecting threats 24x7, powered by real-time analytics. The SOC technology correlates large amounts of essential, accurate and rapid data collection, both on-cloud as well as on-premises. The data goes through intelligent standardized processing in real-time. The technology used for this purpose is also able to detect and analyze risky users’ activity and be equipped with advanced user behavior-analytics, business service risk profiling, as well as an anomaly detection and behavioral algorithm. Our experience tells us that 7 of the key SOC technology must-haves are the following:

  1. High tech & cutting-edge use of technology - Leading players in Forrester Wave.
  2. AI/ML ingredients, algorithms, patterns, behaviors – People, processes and technology behavior against cyber threat.
  3. User behavioral analytics – Identify threats ahead of time.
  4. Unified platforms where systems across the globe are interrelated – Correlate data to enhance security posture and identify potential breach.
  5. 24x7 processing and threat monitoring – Leverage our experts to quickly identify potential cyber threats.
  6. Capability of automatic remediation – Proactive response against breach.
  7. Security analysts on demand – Cyber Security Experts specialized in Incident Response and Red Teaming.
As essential as SOC is to an organization, it is an expensive investment to make; therefore, it may be wiser and more economical to outsource it. This reduces costs and complexities of not only onboarding but also reducing time and effort for integrating and stabilizing the infrastructure. It is also simpler to downscale when the SOC is outsourced. Coforge offers these services, and organizations that work with Coforge integrate this innovation into their systems to ensure rigorous protection and security of their highly sensitive data.
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