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Pega AI Chatbot

Business Challenge

  • High call volumes
  • Reduction in operating hours
  • Lesser workforce
  • Long waiting times
  • Reduced service availability

Solution Overview

  • Extremely quick implementation. Start to golive in 4-6 weeks
  • AI driven Chatbots can help answer common customer queries, 24x7 without any human intervention
  • Chatbots integrated with your enterprise systems to provide real time information to customers
  • Bolting a live chat option with the AI-Driven Chatbots, can enable the customer service agents to work remotely
  • AI-Driven Chatbots can collect customer requests for offline processing & call back requests

Chatbot Capabilities

  • Intent detection / categorization
  • Auto-response notifications
  • Entity Identification & extraction
  • Sentiment detection
  • Customer styling & branding
  • Attachment & photo support
  • Form based data collection in Chatbots
  • Skill based routing, queuing
  • Content linking and dynamic common phrases
  • CSR availability management & transfer to queue
  • Save & share chat transcripts
  • Real time chat monitoring & reports
  • Pre-chat questionnaire & customer feedback surveys

Solution Benefits

  • At least 40-60% of chat queries contained by the Chatbot without human intervention
  • Reduction in overall call volumes to the contact center
  • Reduced waiting times for your customers
  • Ongoing innovation and improvement to Chatbot capabilities
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