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Customer self-service rebooking enabling efficient disruption management


The client, a major player in the airline industry in the U.K. was looking to improve the strategic relationship between I.T and infrastructure services. Their website, particularly, needed to be enhanced to allow customers with canceled or disrupted flights to rebook by themselves and with no extra charges. Coforge, with its expertise and experience in the airline industry, was able to improve the client’s website and manage it efficiently.

About the client

The client was the second-largest airline in the United Kingdom, based on fleet size and passengers carried.

Business Challenge

The client was looking to improve the strategic relationship between I.T. and infrastructure services. Services included development, re-engineering maintenance/production support for the entire spectrum of RES, DCS, FLT ops, customer enablement, pricing, ticketing, crew, cargo, airports, and revenue accounting domains.

Coforge has been a long term development and support partner for the client’s official website. We have also been involved in managing their content management system. Coforge enhanced the client’s website to support the self-service rebooking functionality.  In the case of disrupted flights, the system identifies the disrupted PNRs, and performs two functions:​

The system retrieves the disrupted PNR list available on a HOST queue. It retrieves the contact information from the PNR and sends out notifications via email/SMS to customers. When this is complete, the system updates an OSI remark in the PNR. ​ 

Coforge enhanced the client’s website to allow customers with canceled flights to rebook on the website. Coforge managed the CMS for the client’s website and in the case of disrupted PNRs, we enabled a new screen allowing customers to rebook canceled/disrupted flights themselves, with no additional charges. For customers requesting a refund, the segment is canceled and the refund request is captured. This request is then sent to the automated robot for refund processing.

Our Solution

Coforge recommended the following:

  • Development and maintenance of MMB allowing customers​ to book alternate flights using WEB channel during disruption​ 
  • Support and enhancement for re-accommodation and refund processing tools​ 
  • Development of an automated disruption queue processing robot ​ 
  • Development and enhancements to the notification engine for planned and unplanned cancellations​ 
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