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A global airline carrier was looking to automate its processes in anticipation of business growth. Coforge was hired to enable their business growth with digital automation and real-time analytics. Backed by Coforge's extensive digital automation experience, we helped the client integrate operational data with real-time analytics, improved time-to-market of new features, delivered queue automation for ticketing, enabled auto-identification of issues, and increased cargo revenues. 

About the client

The client is a global airline carrier. 

Business Challenge

One of the global airline carriers had a growth challenge ahead of it. To ride the wave of the anticipated growth, the client embarked on a digital automation and real-time analytics journey. As part of this digital transformation, it also wanted to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve customer experience, and improve its operational KPIs.

Our Solution

Backed by our experience in deploying digital automation programs with real-time analytics for many airlines, we:

  • Integrated operational data with real-time analytics on a single decision platform that serviced the customer, departure control, booking and ticketing, flight operations, and inventory functions. In turn, the enhanced data was made available to web services and customer apps. 
  • Improved time-to-market for introducing customized new features such as those for waiving fees for seat selection done by VIP and Platinum members on direct and indirect channels such as GDS. 
  • Delivered queue automation to resolve ticketing issues in an automated manner on one of the Largest GDS product & services provider by adding/removing SSRs, or changing coupon status, etc. 
  • Ensured auto-identification of issues such as disassociated adult tickets, XETI booking, and out-of-sync bookings while firming them on the Largest GDS product & services provider to preclude manual intervention. 
  • Increased cargo revenues by plugging the communication gap between cargo off-load and CCC notification.

Delivering more value

Working closely with the client’s digital automation leader, Coforge provided the right momentum to push the airline to higher orbit effectiveness. The solution on the largest GDS product & services provider platform improved the time-to-market of key features, reduced cost through automation, and improved customer experience. Revenues were increased by transforming functions of sales, customer services, backend operations, airport operations, cargo handling, catering, departure control, and flight operations while keeping close tabs on their performance through timely customer surveys.

  • 80% Reduced time-to-market of new business features and initiatives 
  • 30% Increase in auto-fixing of customer IROPs contact details for an enhanced customer experience. 
  • 20 FTEs Real-time automation of business processes saved 20 full-time equivalents (FTEs). 
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