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IT Transformation

The emergence of digitization and customer-centricity in the surface transport industry has ensured that businesses need to reinvent the wheel and imbibe an innovation-led approach. With IT Transformation being the imminent pathway, the industry needs technology partners to optimize systems and operating models that scale up performance, leading to accelerated service delivery. At Coforge, we provide extensible, nimble, and agile solutions to transform our clients' businesses.

Innovative business transformation necessitates partners who understand your business, provide customized solutions, and have the expertise and experience to leverage new technologies and methodologies. Our solution set encompasses the following offerings-

Integrated IMS/AMS with business-aligned KPI's

  • Proprietary BVIT solution to monitor and manage application and business process availability leverages AppDynamics and Splunk toolsets (we have a framework/methodology to solve this)
  • Enterprise Intelligent Service Desk with self-help, self-healing and machine learning capabilities across infra & apps
  • Lean and automation driven IT operations
  • Coforge' Proprietary NTRAN Transition and Transformation Framework helps ensure that business KPIs are aligned to integrated IMS/AMS

Infrastructure Transformation – Enabling scalability, migration, operations, continuous delivery

  • Cloud - Virtualization of servers, Consolidation of storage, Desktop virtualization
  • Datacenter consolidation
  • Design and implementation of high-speed WAN
  • Security Enhancements through network traffic analysis, data encryption, enabling multi-factor authentication
  • Reliability improvements
  • Analysis and decommissioning of unutilized resources

Application Portfolio Rationalization

  • Transform highly complex, inefficient application portfolios into agile and productive portfolios aligned to customer business strategies.
  • Assess IT portfolio based on its functional and technical health attributes.
  • Identify each application’s position in its lifecycle, assess the opportunity for improvement, calculate potential impact, and guide the actions needed to optimize the application’s business effectiveness.

Rapid Development

  • Proprietary ‘Release at Will’ framework consisting of 23 capabilities in areas of Culture, process, tools, architecture, and people
  • Dev Ops and Test Ops tools and culture enablement
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