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Enabling sales with Salesforce High Velocity Sales

The last few years have seen a shift in sales engagement from traditional channels to more digital ones. The sales reps of today are using various technologies like email, messaging and video chats as part of their sales processes.

The latest addition to the market is Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales, a Sales Cloud add-on product. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly High Velocity Sales is, how it can benefit your business and how to enable it!

What does High Velocity Sales do?

If you’re not familiar, High Velocity Sales is a streamlined solution tailored to internal sales teams, designed to elevate, and improve sales processes. It uses a combination of phone integration and artificial intelligence (AI) to give businesses the following:

  • Insights on how to prospect smarter and faster.
  • Integrated tools to streamline busy workloads.
  • Real-time tracking of critical KPIs.
  • Monitoring and tracking lead activities.
  • Removal of potential choke points or leakages in the conversion process.

Some of the software’s key features include work queues, lightning sales console, sales cadences, Einstein lead score, email integration, lightning dialler, and Einstein activity capture. The software allows users to integrate apps and customise it beyond belief, giving each business a truly bespoke experience with the software. Because it is so customisable, it's suitable for all businesses as it can be adapted to suit certain business needs.

What are the benefits of High Velocity Sales?

One of the biggest benefits of High Velocity Sales is the work queue feature. This is a prioritised list of tasks for each individual sales rep. This makes it easy for your team to determine who to contact next and the best way of doing so. It enables your team to plan, control and track activities and tasks that are relevant to each new or existing lead. This allows businesses to streamline their processes and identify key areas of development.

Another benefit of High Velocity Sales is that it allows individual members of your team to organise their schedules and plan their time in an effective and efficient way. It gives them, and the rest of the team, more organisation and transparency when it comes to their daily schedule.

It also allows your business to engage with your leads and prospects in the right way and at the right time, meaning you get the most out of every interaction with prospects.

High Velocity Sales customisations

High Velocity Sales comes with some pretty nifty customisation features. For example, businesses can deeply customise the Lightning Sales Console using the flexibility of Lightning to their specific requirements.

You can also customise your work queue. The customisations make it able to change the order of fields to the ones you need first, allowing you to prioritise and streamline your workload.

With High Velocity Sales, you can also take advantage of the handy email integration features, allowing you to identify key contacts, follow up on leads, and more. High Velocity Sales has many integration features, giving you the opportunity to create a truly customised experience with the software to meet your business needs.

How to enable High Velocity Sales

Enabling High Velocity Sales in Sales Cloud is super easy. Simply follow these two steps:

  1. From Setup, enter High Velocity Sales in the Quick Find box, and then select High Velocity Sales.
  2. To turn on High Velocity Sales, click Make High Velocity Sales App Available to Users.

When you have completed the steps and finished turning on High Velocity Sales several features automatically come alive, including: 

  • Enhanced Email.
  • Email Tracking.
  • Einstein Activity Capture.
  • Automated Email — Allows sales cadence creators to include email steps that send the email automatically using a template.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Sales Cadences — If you have the native integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator enabled, this setting lets sales managers add LinkedIn InMail and Connection Request steps to sales cadences.
  • Skip Weekends.
  • Email Template and Call Script Variant Testing — This setting lets sales managers try out different versions of an email template or call script on a single sales cadence step. On sales cadence records, they can compare the engagement results of each variant.
  • Change Sales Cadence Target Assignees — If you want to prevent this feature from being available to all High Velocity Sales users, you can optionally turn on 'Limit Who Can Change Target Assignees'. Then assign the Change Sales Cadence Target Assignees permission to the users who need it.
  • Relate Opportunities to Sales Cadences.

You can turn off features that aren’t required after enabling High Velocity Sales, but we recommend keeping them on to get the most out of the product.

After enabling High Velocity Sales, you can configure your Einstein Activity Capture settings, such as controlling which activities are added to Salesforce records and how they’re shared.


So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about High Velocity Sales. We hope this post has been helpful in determining why using it could hugely benefit your sales business!

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