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Digitizing HR manual processes with ServiceNow HRSD

Many departments in organizations are adopting automated workflows to replace manual processes. HR is no exception, as it is one of the most record-heavy and paper-intensive departments, but still heavily reliant on manual processes.

Over time, data grows and becomes scattered, making it challenging for HR professionals to analyze. This can lead to a number of problems, including:

  • Impact on organizational growth : When HR professionals spend a lot of time on simple tasks, they have less time for complex tasks that can help the organization grow.
  • Increased costs : Manual processes can lead to increased costs associated with paper usage and document management.
  • Poor employee experience : Manual processes can lead to frustration for employees due to lack of visibility into raised issues or information on contacts for different policies and procedures questions.
  • Increased risk of data breaches : Manual processes can increase the risk of sensitive employee data falling into the wrong hands.

Digitizing HR manual processes with ServiceNow HRSD

To overcome these challenges, organizations need to digitize their HR manual processes. ServiceNow HRSD (Human Resource Service Delivery) is a cloud-based platform that can help organizations automate their HR processes, improve employee experience, and reduce costs.

Here are some of the benefits of using ServiceNow HRSD:

  • Automated workflows : ServiceNow HRSD can automate a wide range of HR processes, including onboarding, offboarding, performance management, and compensation. This frees up HR professionals to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.
  • Improved employee experience : ServiceNow HRSD provides employees with a single, easy-to-use platform to access HR information and services. This can help to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Reduced costs : ServiceNow HRSD can help organizations to reduce costs associated with HR operations, such as paper usage, document management, and training.

If your organization is looking to improve its HR processes, ServiceNow HRSD is a great option. It can help you to automate your processes, improve employee experience, and reduce costs.

Case and Knowledge Management enables HR to manage their service interactions with employees, without relying on generic tools like email. This allows HR to standardize the documentation, interaction, and fulfilment of employee inquires and requests while providing visibility into the quantity and type of cases coming in. Service levels are improved, and HR efficiency is dramatically increased. Knowledge is also leveraged internally to ensure the accuracy and consistency of information being provided to employees.

Digitizing HR manual processes with ServiceNow HRSD

Employee Center gives employees a single place to quickly and easily get all the HR services they need. From this custom branded site, employees can use a google-style search field or virtual agent to find information, such as policies and procedures. They can open a case, kick off a process, or chat live with subject matter experts if they need more help. HR can even push out targeted communications and task employees to take required actions. This further enhances the efficiency of HR service delivery teams, in part by making the employees themselves more self-reliant, and further consumerizes the employee service experience.

Digitizing HR manual processes with ServiceNow HRSD

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions (EOT) allows HR to easily automate onboarding and other employee lifecycle events that can span multiple departments. This drastically improves the efficiency of HR and other departments, and fast, consumer-like service makes it easier for employees to get what they need done and get back to focusing on their actual roles as employees.

Employee Journey Management (EJM) delivers personalized cross-departmental employee journeys with intelligent workflows that support in-moment tasking, learning, and listening as they navigate life events, professional growth, and changing work policies. It integrates HR Service Delivery features and applications to enable employees, managers, and the organization to initiate and manage journeys to drive employee engagement and productivity.

Manager Hub increases managers' self-service and proactive engagement with their team by providing insights and recommended actions for what's most urgent and important to drive team success. It enables managers to grow as leaders through curated and personalized resources.

Employee Document Management (EDM) can be added on to any of the applications above to enable HR to electronically manage a wide range of employee documents more efficiently, while also supporting security and compliance. It also makes it easy for employees to access these documents when needed.

How Coforge can help in digitizing manual HR Processes

Coforge's HRSD implementation of ServiceNow, combined with deep understanding of HR functional areas, helps clients in their HR transformational journey by replacing manual paper- and email-based processes. Coforge ServiceNow Employee Experience professionals leverage the platform and prebuilt templates to accelerate implementation of ServiceNow HRSD application for clients.

Coforge helps in creating cross-department onboarding, offboarding workflows, and learning content for employees in their journey with the organization, driving innovation. For employee self-service, we develop employee-centric portals and implement the Now Mobile App, helping them in completing their tasks, accessing knowledge base, chatting with HR, accessing learning content, reducing dependency on HR, and accessing campaigns published by HR, helping organizations achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the offered employee HR services.

To achieve complete digitization in the HR department, we also offer integration with existing HR management systems (HRMS), identity providers (IDP), background check, e-signature, tax form, and other services to improve operational efficiency.

Our overall solutioning approach is to break down the complete digital transformation into manageable chunks, start small, and show the quick wins to the client to gain their confidence and make incremental progress and build momentum as you go.

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