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A learning organization: Powering employee growth and professional development

At our organization, Coforge, we believe that we grow and transform when employees develop and transform. And while we have always been focused on employee development, the pandemic made us more aware and eager to be future-ready. With a catalog of learning and development options for employees, and a wide array of organizational development projects, we undertook a strategic shift from in-person training, to virtual, accelerated learning methods of peer-to-peer-learning, self-paced learning, project-based, on-the-job learning, across locations and cultures. Strongly based on our Skills and Competency Framework, learning programs and interventions are specifically designed to accommodate both employees’ and managers’ holistic skills and behavioral advancement.

Learning Philosophy and Mission The Coforge learning philosophy is learning at every level. Coforge provides learning at every level for every employee, be it awareness programs for new joiners, leadership skills for new managers, operational excellence for mid-management or development programs for senior management. Top talent is identified and nurtured with a key focus on developing internal leaders from within the organization. A talented team of Learning and Organizational Development (L&OD) professionals use psychology and science to custom design learning programs and interventions. These are further improved and enhanced regularly based on new trends, industry practices, proven metrics and methods of feedback. For instance, Coforge uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) to assess the relevance/promotion of our programs. Our learning mission is to enable overall growth and career progression of employees and to equip them with the knowledge of leadership skills, trends & priorities and make both the employees and the organization future ready.

Our offerings True to our learning philosophy, Coforge offers learning for each level of the organization – entry, mid-management and senior management. Some of the programs and interventions are:

  1. Individual contributors: instructor-led training
  2. Leader’s Academy: One of Coforge flagship programs, it facilitates move from individual contributors to first time managers to promote internal growth of in-house talent by developing key leadership qualities and people-management skills required for this strategic role
  3. Managerial development programs: Management development, Operational excellence, Niche skills
  4. Senior management: Executive Coaching, Industry Connect, Leadership Development

Our success Our success is hugely due to the culture of learning in the organization while our effectiveness stems from standardization of learning practices, leveraging and liaising with different resources for knowledge, measuring performance, strong guidance and governance, and finally, the use of talented subject matter experts.

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