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Web3 Consultancy


Business case specific needs & pain points are explored by our blockchain consultants. Specific to business case, they help to identify the right blockchain protocol. We have been working on multiple DLT platforms and developed various proof of concepts. We are actively involved in the ideation process, conducting design thinking workshops, prototyping, creation of MVP and finally turn it into an enterprise grade platform.

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Consulting Process

Ideation – Brainstorming sessions are conducted to understand the business case. Listing of the core business goals is drafted. Also, the existing challenges are highlighted. Roadmaps are defined for the overall lifecycle of the business case.

Design Thinking Workshops – Workshops are conducted to analyze the feasibility of implementing a blockchain solution specific to business challenges. Based on the analysis of the business case, exiting implementation, available resources and integration points, consultants analyze which Blockchain protocol best suits the business need.

Prototype – Based on the analysis, minimal viable features are listed. A basic scalable framework to cater to these minimal viable features is designed and developed which helps to identify the benefits and feasibility of the required solution.

Accelerators – All the existing accelerators are explored to find which all can help to speed up the current implementation of the prototype.

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