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Integration Maturity Model

A maturity model framework is critical for enterprises looking to deploy API/integrations across business functions providing a roadmap for success. With differing perspectives and definitions on application integration, a framework like this becomes all the more important. Technologies that power Enterprise Integration & Automation have evolved rapidly in the last 3-5 years. Integration & Automation has long been the center of any discussion on strategy for IT and Business leaders, and more so now in the wake of COVID-19.

At the same time, multiple perspectives on Enterprise Integration have emerged. Most recently, Gartner has indicated that Enterprise Automation should be driven by a toolkit approach involving a combination of technologies like iPaaS, API, iBPM, and RPA.

Coforge have a proven and well-established framework, which customers can utilize to easily determine where their organization falls on the Enterprise Integration Automation spectrum to drive strategic adoption of business-wide automation and benchmark their integration strategy.


Maturity Levels

Organization’s current practices are mapped to one of these three maturity levels to help them understand where they are and what they need to do next in their journey towards achieving pervasive enterprise integration automation to support their business strategy. The scoring used throughout aligns with the three maturity levels as displayed in the chart below.


Objectives & Outcomes

A maturity assessment can be used to measure the current maturity level of a certain aspect of an organization in a meaningful way, enabling stakeholders to clearly identify strengths and improvement points, and accordingly prioritize what to do in order to reach higher maturity levels


Coforge’s vision is to strengthen the digital backbone of organization that helps them modernize, monetize, and manage the complete suite of their existing capabilities and digital assets. This approach benefits businesses derive cost reduction, revenue growth, and efficiency gains.

Our team of experts helps customers by understanding their problem statements and evaluating their integration requirements by studying each minute aspect. We also provide a proof of concept for a particular platform to help customers arrive at an informed decision. Our solution accelerator gives organizations a head start in selecting the right platform.

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