Cloud API Management

An iPaaS lets you exchange data between different systems. It enables data to flow between cloud applications, data warehouses, IoT devices, data lakes, and other systems in your technology stack.

API creation and API management are two different things. If you don't manage the APIs you create, you run the risk of data breaches, chronic system malfunctions, and operational inefficiencies — the origins of which can be hard to pinpoint. What's more, you fail to capitalize on the revenue potential of your APIs.

If you want to turn the APIs you create with your iPaaS into a profit-generating digital ecosystem, then you must manage your API.

Coforge helps organizations to establish API management platform in order to have more control and governance around APIs, so as to provide a more safe, well integrated environment for their customers to consume APIs and integrate with their own and other partner eco-system. Our expertise is prominent in Google Apigee, Microsoft Azure and AWS , where in we have helped many customers to grow in API world and connect with each other more effectively & timely manner. 

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