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Medicare Retention Member Engagement for Payers

Supported by Pega CDH, Targeted for Healthcare Payer

Business Challenge

Almost 20% of the US population is eligible for Medicare. For a health plan, Medicare is a lucrative business, however at least 10% of those eligible for Medicare voluntarily change their plan every year. As a result retention can be a major issue with increased competition, plan confusion and so many opportunities for eligible members to choose a different plan, particularly in the Medicare space where perceived "federally standard" plans are in actuality very different across payers.

Solution Offering

Coforge’s Medicare Retention offering is a prepackaged solution for engaging members with the most appropriate offers for them through the best channel at the right time with a goal of keeping the member enrolled in the best Medicare plan for them. Preloaded Medicare context makes it easy to enhance the solution with payer-specific configuration.

Solution Overview

The Coforge Medicare Retention solution is constantly assessing what keeps the member most engaged with the payer and specific plan to most effectively drive toward the payer’s retention goal. The Coforge Medicare Retention solution’s goal is to retain a happy, engaged member with a specific focus on Medicare-oriented challenges and benefits. As a result, payers not only see increased retention and reduced churn but improved member engagement.

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