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Airport Contract Management

Business Problem

Contract management forms an integral part of the airport revenue model. Be it for new development projects, refurbishment, or preventive and break down maintenance, there is an impending need to digitize the contractor work execution process in order to improve operational efficiency. Few of the major challenges encountered today are:

  • Significant delays in issuing NOCs and Permits to Work.
  • Process variations across Landside, Terminal and Airside Operations leading to siloed systems and lack of transparency.
  • Contractors submit documents in multiple formats which are also voluminous
  • Most of the current systems do not have mobile capabilities and work cannot be done on the move.


The solution provides a unified and scalable low-code platform for Contractors’ Landside, Terminal and Airside Operations that streamlines the entire contract management process to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure unprecedented safety. With configurable business rules and dynamic case management capabilities, the solution automates the end-to-end work execution process including issuing and approval of NOCs, permits to work, work monitoring and closure. Key Solution tenets are elucidated below:

  • 360-degree view of the complete process facilitating better planning, decision making and timely actions.
  • Intelligent Document Processing of contractor documents to improve workforce productivity
  • Shortened lead times to approve the permit applications across multiple stakeholders, thereby reducing the cycle time for contractors to start their works
  • Contractor self-service portals with in-built collaboration tools, automated generation of operational checklists, automation of pre-requisite adherence etc.
  • Advanced Reports on bottlenecks and delays: Stakeholder wise pending tasks, Period wise comparison of time taken for approving NOC/PTW with stakeholder break down etc.
  • Dashboards for senior management along with maps integration, showing the location of on-going works and statuses


  • Real-time visibility and transparency from front line to management
  • Reduce & Eliminate the revenue loss due to delay in starting fit out works for commercially leased spaces
  • Improved decision-making facilitating better planning
  • Increased efficiency and productivity owing to reduction in manual efforts and follow-ups
  • Paperless & contactless process with QR codes generated for approved permits, showing a unified view of approvals from all airport stakeholders.

Solution Overview

Airport Contract Management

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