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Modern Cloud DataPlatform

Due to evolution of the technology, the organizations don’t limit their business decisions based on the structured data or on the semi-structured data. They want the business insights from un-structured data as well. Coforge has matured D&A practice which has good implementation experience on all modern cloud data platforms to support the organizations’ latest aspirations.

The modern cloud data platform is a combination of traditional data warehouse and latest data lake based solution supporting business intelligence and data science based advanced analytics solution. Data science connects to the data lake on variety of the data objects, be it structured or unstructured, and applies different Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) specific models.

Due to presence of cloud platform, there is no issue of high performance and scalability dealing with numerous data objects storing enormous data volume. Coforge advises many customers to implement modern data solution by leveraging the cloud platform. It has experiences in following kind of modern data solutions:

  • Hybrid cloud data solution
  • Hybrid cloud data solution
  • Both private and public cloud solution based on the business compliance specific security needs and requirements
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