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Consulting & Strategy

Data & Analytics (D&A) has a direct link to the business in generating rapid and tangible business benefits. As it is a key enabler for business transformation, Coforge works with variety of the customers in making D&A universal for their business operations.

As part of transformational journey, Coforge works on the following:

  • Discuss with business and IT stakeholders on their D&A specific needs and requirements.
  • Review / assess the current state landscape and find out its alignment with the future D&A solution.
  • Define different transitional and transformational initiatives based on the gaps identified in any existing or proposed new solution.
  • Find out the low hanging fruits to the long-term initiatives to define the strategy roadmap.
  • As part of the consulting engagement, Coforge helps the organizations on the following lines:
  • Value realization of transformation through a metric driven approach
  • Return on investment for any transformational journey.
  • Any Proof of Concept (PoC) required for new technology or solution.

A few examples of such consulting engagements that Coforge has worked are:

  • Data & Analytics strategy roadmap definition
  • Assessment of any brown field data warehouse / data lake-based architecture, design, etc
  • Data modernization roadmap
  • Report rationalization
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