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Implementation & Integration

We ensure Delivery in accordance with our customer ensuring their changes are included with agile or a big bang approach with waterfall , mapping their workflow to the tool and ensuring development best practise is in place, once new solution is deployed, we ensure customer awareness with trainings, helping them to migrate their existing data to the platform, any third-party systems are connecting with integration to get relevant data to and from ServiceNow. For the delivered elements we provide go live support to ensure accurate uptime and high customer expectations

Delivery Methodologies (Agile/Waterfall/Hybrid)

With our prime focus towards customer’s excellence, we help them transform their enterprise services by understanding their business needs and merge the right next-gen technologies like agile and hybrid with business strategies to build an intelligent enterprise. To accomplish defined goals and results within budget and deadlines, development methodology plays a key role.  

Process & Workflow mapping 

Our highly skilled talent pool offers a breadth of experience that can cater to the needs of the digital world while maximizing the business value of your digital investments. Before Development is kicked off, we help to map the entire process and visualize the end-to-end flow of activities.


Coforge helps customers meet their business needs by providing custom solutions which are created by utilising Low Code No Code development methodologies. We have a team of Development and coding experts to provide the best solutions at optimised costs.  

Trainings (Process/Tool)

Coforge is highly proactive and provide dedicated tool trainings for implemented processes with, online and offline sessions, self-help Training &  FAQ’s manuals. These trainings and documents are detailed enough to provide answers to user’s questions and can be referred at any point of time. 

Migration (Tool/Data)

Coforge’ s expertise in executing Tool and data migrations strategy, helps in crystallizing broad objectives into real execution roadmap, based on individual, department-specific, or enterprise-wide requirements, and a guided assessment of the current state. 

3rd party integrations 

Coforge brings the ability to rapidly integrate services using APIs and other components through service virtualization, automated DevOps processes and adherence to standards and governance best practices. Its templated approach reduces costs while accelerating the journey towards a robust digital enterprise. 

Go-Live Support

It is critical to stay vigilant and follow hyper care process post go live of a project.  Our dedicated experts are available to provide hyper care support which is essential for smooth functioning and handover of the solution, after it goes live.   .

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