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DevSecOps on Azure

In today's Digital world, applications are at the heart of modern business success and people freely share their sensitive and personal information on these online applications with the expectation that application are securing the information during any online transactions. This means secured and upgraded digital organization will help promote business, improvised sales and service, increased customer engagement and on-the-go marketing of your business.

With the updated application and software for business, it also becomes essential to secure technology properly. More secure the IT infrastructure is, the more effective is your business.

Security "The Conventional Approach" - Before introduction of DevOps methodology, organizations used to implement security checks of application towards the last stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC). When an application is almost fully developed , security checks are executed. Hence, discovering a security threat at the last stage meant reworking on code, an agonizingly laborious and time-consuming task.

Transform Your Security - Shifting Left with DevSecOps

The concept of shifting-left security requires empowering and keeping accountable for, teams to include security thinking and execution from the early stages of planning, to development, to packaging and deploying the application. While this is as much of a cultural shift as it is about tools, Microsoft Azure as a Public Cloud Provider can help with products from Azure.

Why Coforge ?

Coforge with a proven experience of delivering DevSecOps on Azure, uses following assets & IP’s:

  • DevSecOps Maturity Assessment Framework
  • DevSecOps Transformation Service
  • IAC Framework

This Framework consist and cut across all phases of Planning, Develop, Design, Configuration management, Environment provisioning, Build, Testing, release and Support, provides -

  • Accelerate software delivery
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Balance speed, cost, quality and risk
  • Reduce time to go to market
Azure DevSecOps

Azure DevSecOps with CI/CD pipeline help in to accelerate application development and development lifecycles, increasing application stability and uptime. Integration of Azure DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline with other services of Azure and DevSecOps Tool set.


There are multiple tools and techniques described in Azure DevSecOps that aid in the process,such as:

  • Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool
  • Microsoft Security Risk Detection
  • Security Code Scan
  • Security Code Analysis extension
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