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DevSecOps on AWS

Deploy and Scale DevSecOps with Amazon Web Services

DevOps term was coined by merging two words "Development" and "Operations". DevOps is an IT cultural shift that primarily focuses on improved collaboration, better communication, reliability and integration through adoption of agile methodology. It mainly emphasis on holistic , end to end process oriented and product-centric approach.

DevOps is not only about removing barriers between development and operations team that work in silos but also among key stakeholders in the overall application lifecycle. The most common stages of DevOps Lifecycle are - Planning, Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment, Operations and Feedback.

DevSecOps takes this one step ahead by integrating security in DevOps Lifecycle. With DevSecOps model, a secured and compliant applications are released efficiently.

To adopt and transform in this rapidly changing world, where software is the most integral part of any business, cloud computing have become organizations choice. In simple terms, Cloud offering and services complement the DevSecOps processes.

To make DevSecOps methodology achievable and successful in any organization, right set of security and CI/CD tools are required to be integrated in the Software Development Lifecycle. Coforge DevSecOps Consulting services offers integration of best fit security tools in Customer's DevSecOps pipeline.

COFORGE Tech offers DevSecOps Solution which helps to improve:

  • Rapid Delivery
  • Reliability
  • Scalability Switching from Legacy Infrastructure to Microservices

COFORGE Tech ‘s DevSecOps framework envisions to deliver a DevSecOps maturity assessment, Roadmap and full stack of step by step DevSecOps transformation services.

In AWS, Security Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is implemented by using third party tools and native offerings such as IAM roles, AWS Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, AWS Config, Enabling MFA, encryption of code and artifacts, using SSL, parameter store and KMS. Coforge leverage AWS services and tools necessary to accelerate this objective and provides the flexibility to build DevSecOps pipelines with easy integrations of AWS cloud native and third-party tools.


Coforge with a proven experience of delivering DevSecOps on AWS, uses following assets & IP’s:

  • DevSecOps Maturity Assessment Framework
  • DevSecOps Transformation Service
  • IAC Framework

This Framework consist and cut across all phases of Planning, Develop, Design, Configuration management, Environment provisioning, Build, Testing, release and Support, provides -

  • Accelerate software delivery
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Reduce time to go to market

With the evolution of Cloud Computing, COFORGE Tech’s DevSecOps practice also adopted AWS DevOps and native security services, which brings about a cohesive, seamless functioning across organizations. Adoption of AWS CodePipeline, CodeCommit and Codedeploy improved overall expectations from application development life cycle. Collaboration with 3rd party tools, AWS Security Hub and ServiceNow provides single pane visibility and opportunity to automate remediation.

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