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Cloud FinOps

Organizations opt for Public Cloud to reap the benefits such as scalability, high availability and pay per use, thereby saving cost. As the cloud footprint grows, expenditure on Public cloud may become concerning and organizations do not realize expected cost benefits, if Visibility, Cost Management and Governance spend is not in place.

Coforge provides an innovative solution for managing and optimizing the variable economics of cloud through data-driven spend and further helping Finance, Business & Technical teams to collaborate with following key principles -

  • Cost Visibility - Forecasting spend data through cloud native tools or third-party tools
  • Cost Control - Monitor Budget by setting budget alerts and guardrails and tracking
  • Cost Governance - Working with multiple service towers and key stakeholder of business unit

Following are the key offerings for Cloud FinOps that Coforge offers :


Coforge brings deep expertise to understand Cloud workload through assessment and obtain a comprehensive view of cloud resources and spends across the organization. Coforge provides you with a detailed report on cloud usage and insights into optimization options. Coforge takes a holistic view and help you setup for cloud FinOps and give you a governance roadmap

Continuous Optimization

Optimization is more than one time activity and require regular focus and process in place and seeing it more than just mere technology, an art to bring business value. Some of the common optimization options are predicting the unused/orphan resources, reserving capacity, right sizing, turning off resources during non-business hours and many more. During this phase Coforge build

  • Real-time cost tracking (Forecast & budgets) and alerting foundation
  • Offer architectural guidance
  • Monthly/Quarterly review on Cost Optimization with Customer
  • Continuous evaluation of processes and introduce tailored practice based on industry and organization need
  • Empower teams and bring FinOps Practice culture through Centralized Team and Governance
  • Daily/Monthly reports

Optimize and Remediate

To realize early ROI Coforge offers full managed services and remediate to maintain optimal state. Coforge continuously evaluates business objectives and provides remediation Summary & reports with ROI achievement & Trends

Our FinOps service leverages proven experience and best practice from working with organizations of all sizes to deliver financial governance and cost optimization across all phases of the FinOps cycle. Coforge also offers Cloud agnostic FinOps Tool for Cloud Management Platform for data driven insights, cost rationalization that brings financial intelligence and cost realization

Highlights -

  • Single management and pane of glass for Multi Cloud Management – AWS , Azure and GCP
  • Empowering organizations and teams for intelligent decisions with visibility, allocation, benchmarking, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Provide FinOps framework and methodologies to help customers optimize cloud foot print and control their Hyperscaler Cloud spend
  • Improve visibility of cloud spend through cost tracking, reporting and control processes
  • Save up to ~ 30% of your cloud spend
  • Drive Cultural change and bring collaboration among finance, business and technical team
  • Partnership ecosystem to bring the best platforms for Cloud FinOps management
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