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Modern Service Desk

IT is no more in the backend support role but has become a critical business enabler. In addition, growing end-user expectations, technological trends, and market forces are also rapidly changing the traditional view of the Service Desk. All these factors are contributing to a constant pressure to provide faster, flexible service desk solutions that respond better to the needs and deliver focused business outcomes.

Coforge’s Next-Gen Service Desk provides a personalized user experience with a seamless omnichannel interface that adapts predictively and proactively to user preferences and behaviours. By harnessing the power of analytics, cognitive technologies, and automation and adopting new, innovative approaches, we provide modernized support services that deliver a high-grade consumer-like support experience. Our Service Desk acts as a single point of contact for all end-users' IT-related services assuming the end-to-end ownership of their IT-related issues. Next-Gen Service Desk manages all user interactions to accelerate incident resolution & request fulfilment while minimizing agent involvement and support costs. We bring everything that a modern digital-savvy employee needs, in one place and provide a truly personalized, adaptable, and easy-to-use help experience.


Key Features

  • User-Centric​: ​It mirrors a consumer-like experience that suits the needs and preferences of our digital workers.​
  • Proactive & Invisible: ​It changes the support paradigm and acts proactively. Many day-to-day computer issues are resolved in the background without anyone noticing.​​
  • Automation-Led​:​ Following the philosophy that "whatever can be automated is automated”, it takes advantage of automation, powered by AI, Cognitive analytics, and standard workflow, and takes up mundane tasks.​
  • Machine First: Intelligent deployment of Cognitive Virtual Agent to help identify and resolve issues automatically and displace human representatives from lower-level support tasks.
  • Enterprise IT Desk: It expands its capabilities beyond IT Infrastructure services and offers holistic IT support which includes applications also. It is an integrated function that acts as a single point of contact.
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