HR Analytics

Workforce Analytics is a suite of jumpstart use cases that enable organizations for decision making through data-driven actionable insights in Human Resource Management enabled by AI and Machine learning. A workforce Analytics solution can address various scenarios as highlighted below. 

  • Planning and Recruitment 

Planning and Recruitment Analytics analyzes the applicant pool and identifies the applicants who are highly likely to be selected. This can substantially reduce the time taken to select the right candidates. 

  • Performance Management and Segmentation 

Segmentation and Performance Analytics solution identifies why some employees perform better than others using Machine Learning. Helps organizations create segments based on performance and other related factors. 

  • Compensation and Benefits 

Compensation and Benefits Analytics provides the capability to analyze the compensation and benefits package to employees and how it is tied to workforce performance and aligned with corporate strategic goals. 

  • Satisfaction and Engagement 

Workforce Satisfaction and Engagement Analytics analyses Employee Survey Data to understand the effectiveness of employee engagement and satisfaction and identify areas of improvement. 

  • Attrition 

Attrition Analytics uses advanced analytics to identify the contributory factors towards attrition and provides guidance on the steps that HR managers can take to retain capable talent. 

  • Learning and Development 

Learning and Development Analytics provides insights into the training needs identification, alignment to performance measures, and learning effectiveness. 

  • Workforce Insights 

Workforce Insights solution provides an integrated view into the various Human Resource processes including Talent Management, Compensation, and Benefits, Recruitment, Performance Management. 

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