Salesforce Accelerators

Technical Debt Assessment

The customization of Salesforce solutions to meet business requirements is very common and often, it’s the only option. However, over time and following multiple, complex customizations, companies may build significant technical debt which inflates their maintenance costs.

Today, some of the required functionalities may be available as standard features in the new Salesforce Releases. Our Technical Architects will work with you to assess your org Technical Debt and help define a roadmap to reduce it.

Business Benefits

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits - Flexibility

    Minimise Maintenance
    Costs and Effort

  • Reduce Technical Debt

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

    Simplify Salesforce

Is your Salesforce platform working as well as it should?
Over time, following multiple complex customisations, you may have built up significant technical debt which can slow down your platform, inflating maintenance costs.
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Get Well Plans

Get Well Plans Accelerator

With your Health Check Assessment concluded, you might require help in implementing the recommendations on how to successfully reduce your technical debt. Or, you might already have a plan and need some extra, expert hands to execute it.

Our Get Well Plans are designed to meet different levels of complexity and budgets, so you only pay for what you really need.

Business Benefits

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

    Simplify your Salesforce

  • Data & Analytics Accelerators Benefits - Accuracy

    Reduce Technical Debt

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits - Flexibility

    Minimise Maintenance
    Costs and Effort

Embed best practice in your Salesforce ecosystem
Improve performance and optimise your Salesforce operation with a plan that is tailored to your needs and budget.
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DevOps for Salesforce

DevOps for Salesforce Accelerator

DevOps has become the practice of choice for any Salesforce environment characterised by increased customisation, large teams and/or frequent production releases.

Our DevOps experts will enable you to successfully adopt a DevOps approach to all your Salesforce projects. They will setup an end-to-end DevOps environment with best practices and tools in Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring.

Business Benefits

  • Data & Analytics Accelerators Benefits - Speed

    Faster development &

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud - Partner Enablement

    Reduce Cost and Effort

  • Increased

Successfully adopt a DevOps approach
By embracing an end-to-end DevOps environment for your Salesforce projects, we can help you eliminate errors, reduce cost and develop & deploy faster than ever.
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Financial Services Cloud Accelerator

Whether you are new to Salesforce, or you are an existing user, our Financial Services Cloud Accelerator includes multiple implementation plans and frameworks to ensure fast ROI and time-to-market.

We are constantly reviewing capabilities that are not out-of-the-box features in current and upcoming releases to determine which components we include to accelerate a Financial Services Cloud deployment.

From high-level reviews to enabling Customer 360 and Analytics, our domain-experts will help you make the most out of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, fast.

Business Benefits

  • data integration

    Access Comprehensive
    Cloud Onboarding

  • Data & Analytics Accelerators Benefits - Speed

    Achieve Faster

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud - Partner Enablement

    Lower Your Total
    Cost of Ownership

Tailor Salesforce FSC to your needs
Accelerate your Salesforce Financial Services Cloud deployments with comprehensive cloud onboarding, tailored implementation plans and custom capabilities.
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Salesforce Org and Platform Strategy Accelerator

Confused about how many Salesforce orgs to use for your global business needs? Or maybe you have acquired a company that also uses Salesforce and want to merge into a single org?
There can be many challenges for businesses with multiple orgs – compromised customer view, high overhead and duplication of effort to name a few.

Our Salesforce org and platform strategy framework can help remove complexity and increase efficiency. We will assess your existing implementations and business needs and help define and execute the strategy to achieve an optimal number of orgs with minimum disruption for your users.

Business Benefits

  • Increase Governance

  • Salesforce Service Cloud PRODUCTIVITY

    Improve Operational

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Benefits - Global Support

    Access a Unified
    Customer View

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits - Flexibility

    Reduce Overheads

Remove complexity and increase efficiency
Global businesses with multiple Salesforce orgs may struggle to provide a unified customer view, our accelerator brings it all together with ease.
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Lightning Migration Accelerator

Our Lightning Migration Framework and reusable Lightning Components can help you smoothly migrate from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.

Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit provides an end-to-end service, from assessing your current Salesforce environment and future needs, to defining the most effective migration roadmap, all the way to ensuring successful roll out, adoption and optimisation.

Our flexible pricing models ensure that you get the best value for your needs and budgets.


Business Benefits

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud - Partner Enablement

    Increased Cost Efficiencies

  • Streamlined Migration

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits - Flexibility

    Improved ROI

  • Faster Time-To-Value

End-to-end Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning Migration Service
Taking full advantage of Salesforce’s prebuilt Lightning components and automations, as well as our own reusable components, we ensure your migration is as smooth and fast as possible.
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Data Migration to Salesforce

Salesforce provides an unprecedented Customer 360 – unified view, however your data is not just in Salesforce. Our Data migration experts will help you seamlessly migrate your data to Salesforce by using our predefined data templates and data loading scripts. 

And if your integration needs extend to your wider IT ecosystem, our MuleSoft experts will help you connect all of your data and turn your Salesforce solution into a real single source of truth for your entire business.


Business Benefits

  • data integration

    Remove Siloes

  • Innovation

    Create Single Source of Truth

  • Increase Data Accuracy

Seamlessly Migrate Your Data to Salesforce
WHISHWORKS provides a smooth, secure and easy migration of your data into the Salesforce platform – creating a single source of truth for your business.
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