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Cargo Claims Management

About The Solution

Cargo Claims Management System

Problem Statement – What should be the strategic claims management solution for Air Cargo industries?

Salesforce CRM is the Platform of Choice and API layer for claim’s AWB number to validate from external systems. It can also be the end user facing user interface (claim status, workflow, notifications etc.).


  • Easily configurable workflows as per business requirements.
  • This solution will be easily available for any hand held devices.
  • Functionality specific to Air Cargo, including legal/compliant requirements, will need some customisation, however the platform allow this to be achieved rapidly without risking any upgrade path.
  • Systematic approach to process the claims requests.
  • Summarize claims progress report available for higher management.


Future Road Map

  • Availability of claims to customers through custom web interfaces using the Salesforce customer community feature.
  • Availability of multi-currency and multi-language features for global customers/end users.
  • Real-time/Updated currency conversion rates to suffice the need of customers globally.


Cargo Challenges – CX & Servicing




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