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Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit (formerly WHISHWORKS), comes with a strong Salesforce heritage. As expert Salesforce partners, we help you achieve enhanced user experience and increased business value with innovative, fully integrated Salesforce solutions.

Are you still waiting to realise the ROI you expected from your Salesforce investment? Or have you found it difficult to develop a unified view of your customers and unlock the insights you need to grow?

Our experienced Salesforce consultants use Salesforce’s rich array of capabilities to help to transform your business, enabling you to adapt to your customer’s ever-changing needs. Whatever your plans, we can help you grow.


With our support, you can leverage Salesforce to enable a complete view of your customers’ journey across your business, so you can improve customer experience, drive satisfaction and retention and realise their lifetime value. As a Salesforce Partner, our team of experienced and knowledgeable Salesforce professionals have over 240 Salesforce certifications and a track record of successful implementations across many industries. You can rely on us to help you to access the breadth and value of Salesforce.


Many Salesforce customers who invest in the platform may just be scratching the surface and missing key opportunities to better align their business and IT infrastructure. Our Salesforce experts can help you to remove silos and improve business collaboration – resulting in reduced operational costs. Our Salesforce accelerators are designed enable you to tackle a variety of Salesforce specific issues quickly and efficiently, helping your business to increase outputs and improve productivity. And with Salesforce Authorised Training for your IT teams and end users, you can be sure that the value your investment is quickly realised.


By simplifying the view of your systems and unlocking valuable insights, you can have access to a wider range of data sources, enabling you to speed up response times and uncover business opportunities. Our team of experts have Salesforce’s values at their core, and can offer end-to-end application management, implementing a vast suite of Salesforce clouds & solutions from Sales Cloud to Analytics Cloud, which are designed to unify your customer view. We have over 80 global implementations, helping businesses change the way they access customer insights.

We are expert Salesforce Partners and MuleSoft Strategic Partners, uniquely positioned to help companies leverage Salesforce to accelerate business outcomes and achieve maximum return from their investment.

We are one of just a few Salesforce partners globally with proven capabilities in Salesforce, MuleSoft and Tableau, helping our customers to truly maximise the value of their data across their business, in a sustainable way.

WHISHWORKS is one of our Strategic Partners and have been with us since the beginning. We trust them to bring MuleSoft’s best practices to each engagement and ensure our customers are maximising the value of Anypoint Platform. 

Michael Schoenrock, Vice President Channels & Alliances EMEA at MuleSoft, a Salesforce company

Salesforce CoE

Our Salesforce Centre of Excellence promotes continuous learning, innovation and best practice across our Salesforce offering.

To ensure our team have the expertise to support your business now and in future, we conduct regular Salesforce training to upskill and cross skill our experts on the latest solutions and with the latest certifications. This is the driving force behind maximising the value of Salesforce investments, from concept to completion and to ongoing management and optimisation.

A long-standing Salesforce partner, through our Salesforce Centre of Excellence and Learning & Development programme, we promote continuous innovation and knowledge sharing, enablement on new tools and technologies, and contribution to the wider Salesforce Community.

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The Salesforce Journey

  • Innovation


    Our certified Salesforce consultants are subject matter experts and will work with you to understand your needs and goals, identifying opportunities to optimise your operations, unlock key insights and improve customer engagement. We will then provide you with a clear plan of how your business can work faster and smarter with Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Cloud Services Benefits - Development & Data & Analytics Accelerators Benefits - Deployment


    Whether you want to improve the utilisation of your platform’s standard features or you are looking to develop a custom solution, our experienced Salesforce developers will help you extend and expand the functionality of Salesforce to meet your specific business needs. Following Salesforce best practices, we will ensure that the solutions we develop are highly usable, scalable, extensible, and maintainable on the Salesforce platform.

  • Support


    We provide round the clock support packages run by our cross-cloud experts to monitor and govern your Salesforce implementation. Our Salesforce training and enablement services are also available to ensure your business and IT teams have a complete understanding of the Salesforce eco-system, meaning you’ll get the best from your investments now and into the future.

Making the most of salesforce

  • Salesforce Technical Debt Assessment

    Salesforce Technical Debt Assessment

    Organisations using Salesforce will inevitably accumulate technical debt over time. It’s a costly side effect of growth, and to manage it successfully, these organisations need to not only remove their existing debt but also understand its causes and develop a plan to manage it in the future. In this guide, we will walk you through the focus areas you need to cover to carry out a successful technical debt assessment in the Salesforce platform.

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  • Webinar: Apply Devops to salesforce

    Webinar: Apply DevOps to Salesforce

    As companies adopt Salesforce across their organisation and users become more familiar with different clouds and tools, the work for Salesforce Administrators and developers starts to get taxing. With traditional approaches on software development, it becomes harder to keep environments in sync, changes are difficult to track and manage, and quality standards begin to decrease. Join our complementary webinar to find out how to apply a DevOps methodology to your Salesforce projects to improve quality and accelerate speed and agility.

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