The State of Big Data in 2020



 The State of Big Data 2020

Since our last report, big data and data analytics have continued to gain significant investment and attention from organisations across industries, representing a healthy and growing market. The past 12-18 months however were not uneventful. There were two key developments that marked the course of the big data industry: the mergers and acquisitions that took place throughout 2019, and the more recent coronavirus outbreak.

For this year’s report, we asked Big Data strategists, architects and users to give us a comprehensive view of how much progress has been made with Big Data initiatives:

  • Has the priority of and investment in Big Data projects been affected by the recent developments?
  • How easy is it to measure benefits, ROI and results?
  • What are the main drivers for initiating investment in Big Data projects?
  • What are the main challenges preventing the adoption or further progress of Big Data projects?
  • What is their Big Data and cloud strategy?  
  • What are the main data platform vendors and analytical tools used?

This report consolidates our findings and brings useful insight on the state of Big Data in 2020.

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