The State of Big Data in the UK 2019




A key driver for the continued momentum in Big Data investment is digital transformation, with companies across industries looking at how Big Data technologies can enable them to rearchitect their operation and reinvent themselves so they can remain competitive.

For this year’s report, we asked Big Data strategists, architects and users based in the UK to give us a comprehensive view of how much progress has been made with Big Data initiatives and whether they are achieving the expected return on their investment:

  • Is the number of Big Data projects and investment in their organisation increasing?
  • How easy is it to measure benefits, ROI and results in your Big Data projects?
  • What are the main drivers for initiating investment in Big Data projects?
  • What are the main challenges preventing the adoption or further progress of Big Data projects?
  • What line of business do they expect to benefit the most from Big Data?  
  • Which Big Data technologies do they see impacting their organisation the most?

This report consolidates our findings and brings useful insight on the state of Big Data in the UK for 2019.

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