Rapidly respond to market changes in Retail

Challenge 1:

Fragmented and disconnected environment

In an increasingly volatile marketplace, retailers must be competitive to win and retain their customers’ business. To do so, these organisations need to be responsive, flexible and agile. This means optimising processes and minimising costs, so they have the capacity to respond to shifting customer needs, develop innovative products and bring them to market quickly. But many organisations do not have an infrastructure that supports cross-functional systems, making it difficult for them to achieve these goals. Instead, these retail businesses operate using outdated and disconnected solutions and applications.


Optimising operations for elevated customer experiences

At Coforge – Salesforce Business Unit, we can help your retail business to implement a flexible, lean and responsive operational model. We will work with you to increase your business’ agility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness by employing a connected application ecosystem that supports your unique needs, and enhances the power of your core operations. This will ensure you have the capability and resource to create industry-leading products that meet the needs of your customers, and quickly bring them to market.

Challenge 2:

Inability to gain actionable insights from data

Retail data can provide priceless actionable insights, but these findings can only be extracted by processing vast quantities of data, which many businesses are currently unable to do. Retailers need a solution that enables them to access a broad range of data sources, with high levels of granularity. To unlock valuable insights, data must be collected, harmonised, cleansed, and stored in the cloud. Only then can the appropriate AI tools be leveraged to extract actionable insights that will inform your approach, such as pricing or digital engagement strategies.


Getting actionable insights from data

We have years of experience helping retailers to streamline their operations, and collect, analyse, organise, store and develop actionable insights from their data. With our support, you can map and transform your customer data so that it is consolidated and easily identifiable, enabling you to eliminate the duplication of customer profiles and achieve greater accuracy. We can also help you to achieve a 360-degree customer view, so you can develop a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and create more personalised and memorable experiences across all your channels. Our certified experts have the solutions and domain-specific accelerators to speed up your time-to-value, whilst helping you drive business-wide connectivity, increase productivity, and become proactive, not reactive.

Challenge 3:

Inability to offer omnichannel experiences

Consumer demand is changing dramatically, as shoppers now seek to purchase products and services across a variety of marketplaces and expect these needs to be gratified instantly. To meet this demand, retailers must offer effective omnichannel experiences, but many do not yet have the agility to do so. This lack of responsiveness has a number of causes – many of which can be identified in the supply chain. Many retailers’ supply chains have not been optimised to enable consistency across multichannel programmes. This lack of automation and real-time connections also causes costly delays, whilst slowing production and progress.


Achieve cross-channel excellence

Our expert team will work with your retail business to create an integrated environment that removes fragmentation from your supply chain. We can implement innovative solutions that enable a real-time view of your stock and maximise the efficiency of your order and inventory management processes. With improved connectivity across your supply chain, your business can respond quickly to the shifting needs of your customers and offer seamless, consistent and memorable omnichannel experiences that inspire buyers to keep coming back.

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