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Challenge 1:

The limited capabilities of legacy applications

Today’s consumers want to enjoy a customer experience that traditional banking systems simply cannot provide.

Many of these systems were built decades ago, using a now obsolete programming language, which means there is little room for improvement. In order to compete and succeed in the modern digital world, these systems need to be updated or replaced.


Moving away from legacy applications

At Coforge – Salesforce Business Unit, we have the experience and expertise to modernise your legacy infrastructure, so you can proactively scale, upgrade or replace your systems to maintain maximum performance and uptime, achieve greater back-office efficiencies and facilitate increased lending volumes, whilst reducing cost and minimising risk. Our certified experts can also help your business to optimise your customer experience by automating manual processes and enabling real-time agility and flexibility with your data. This will mean you can use customer information such as credit scores to create customised, pre-approved loan offers and more streamlined, personalised experiences.

Challenge 2:

Solving security issues at scale

One of the biggest challenges faced by banks is compliance.

The typical banking environment has tens or even hundreds of thousands of networked computers and other connected devices in its portfolio, so securing the IT infrastructure, and all of the data contained within it, can be time consuming and costly. There are multiple potential risks and security weak spots.

When you add social, cloud, and mobile channels into the mix, the potential attack surface expands exponentially. With the ever-growing sophistication of modern attacks, it is time to find the right solution.


The security banking needs

We can help you to achieve optimum security implementation across your bank by incorporating best practice and governance throughout your operations to ensure you always remain compliant. With the input of our experts, we will ensure that the solutions we implement enhance the security of your data and protect against ever-increasing cyber threats, with methods such as zero-trust, User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), and more.

Challenge 3:

Siloed teams and data

Within banking, there are a variety of different departments, all with their own unique goals, systems, and applications.

This inevitably leads to stunted growth, limited scalability, and decreased customer satisfaction. Information silos can also pose risks to security and compliance, as there is often a lack of cooperation and consistency in corporate policymaking.


Breaking down siloes

Coforge – Salesforce Business Unit has years of experience helping financial institutions to break down information silos. With the support of our specialist team, you can develop a unified view of your data, optimise processes and improve your cost efficiency in fund distribution, product management, infrastructure and more. We can also help you to increase the scalability of your systems by implementing API-led connectivity across your business, making it easier to introduce additional applications and expand into new geographies.

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